Senior Full-stack PHP Developer

Build high quality Web Applications


A highly resourceful, diligent, Teamwork spirit, fast learner and competent PHP developer with vast experience in front-end and back-end web base applications.

Develop applications and solutions for a wide range of corporate, charity and public sector and have tremendous enthusiasm and ambition to complete projects to the highest standard possible.


Hadi is currently looking for a software developer opportunity that allows him to work alongside an expert team of developers. Thereby helping to drive his career progression to more senior roles in the future.


Project Manager & Senior Full-stack Developer (November 2018, Present)
Automation process with laravel framework,Vue and mysql
Designing and implementation of a web-based automation system for managing and storing documents
Notable accomplishments:
⦁ Decreasing the time of completion of orders by 40%
⦁ Easily categorize, access and backup files
⦁ Reduce paper consumption by 90%
⦁ Increase data security factor
⦁ CRM improvement

Agency for Iranian Students Abroad, Tehran, Iran.
Webmaster and Help Desk (2007-2008) Software Developer (2008-2011), IT Manager (2011-2017)
Designing and implementation of databases and registration systems
Notable accomplishments:
⦁ The tracking process was 60 percent faster
⦁ Managers and Users satisfaction

Encyclopedia Foundation of Ardabil, Ardabil, Iran.
Webmaster (June 2005 – June 2007)
Designing and implementation of websites, databases and also does all the design and development of hardware and software
Notable accomplishments:
⦁ Creative designs which are user-friendly and lean toward the functional
⦁ High performance and high-speed web site


Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran, Tehran
Master of Computer Software Engineering, May 2016


⦁ Microsoft Network+
⦁ HTML (Passed LinkedIn Assessment)
⦁ CSS (Passed LinkedIn Assessment)
⦁ WordPress (Passed LinkedIn Assessment)

PHP 100%
Laravel 70%
MySQL & MSSQL Database Design 70%
Web Development 100%
Web Design 70%
UX/UI 55%
C#.Net 40%
HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JQuery 70%
Bootstrap 80%
Git 45%
Agile 50%
OOP 70%
MVC 70%
Adobe Photoshop 65%
VueJS 60%